Additional Price List

Wilkinson Bros Fees

Wilkinson Bros fees are made up from the following:

Professional service charge.

Conveyance of deceased from place of death to our Private Chapel of Rest.


Care of deceased and dressing as requested.

Use of Private Chapel of Rest for viewing.

Additional extras as follows:

Bearers                                                                                        £45.00 each

Attendance cards (including member of staff to take names)    £45.00 each

Vehicle Options:

Traditional motor hearse                                                       £200.00

Hire of Limousine                                                                 £175.00

Horse drawn hearse (2 horses)                                              £600.00 - £700.00

Horse drawn hearse (4 horses)                                              £1,000.00 - £1,200.00

Motorbike hearse                                                                   POA


Dr's Fees (Cremation Certificate)                                     £82 per dr.

(Two Dr's are usually required to complete cremation certificate)

Additional Services/Options

Order of Service Booklets setup fee                                       £30.00

Price per copy (Minimum order of 30.)                                  £ 1.50 each

Obituary Report:

CHAD                                                                                    £84.00

Derbyshire Times                                                                   £84.00

Voice                                                                                      £65.00