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Wilkinson Bros Professional Fees

Wilkinson Bros fees are made up from the following:

Professional service.                   £975.00                                                          

This fee is for Wilkinson Bros, we charge for our professional services including covering overheads,

24 hour care and support. It also covers ours staffs time in completing all works associated with arranging

and conducting a funeral service to meet clients needs.

This also covers a funeral director to conduct the funeral service.

Conveyance of deceased             £225.00

This fee is for transferring your loved one into our care.  This allows two members of staff to be available 

24 hours a day.

Although distance is no object, this fee covers a 30 mile radius, we will make you aware of any additional

costs if the transfer is required outside of this radius.

Care, Preparation and Respects   £200.00

This fee covers the time in which it takes to care for and dress your loved one as if she was one of our family.

It also covers the use of our Chapel of Rest for family and friends to be able to come and spend time with them.

Hygienic Treatment                     £150.00

This fee is for embalming purposes. This is not normally required and only carried out if we have your consent 

and we feel it necessary.

Vehicle Options:

Traditional Mercedes-Benz motor hearse                 £250.00

Hire of Mercedes-Benz Limousine                           £220.00

Use of Private Ambulance in place of hearse           £100.00

Additional transport for Funeral staff (if required)   £  70.00

Horse drawn hearse (2 horses)                         from £795.00

Horse drawn hearse (4 horses)                         from £1,400.00


Motorbike hearse                                             from £1,050.00

Staff Fees:

Bearers                                         £50.00 each

If you have a hearse and/or limousines, the drivers of these are already included as bearers in the hire

fee of the vehicle so are not additional to costs.

If family members or friends wish to bear, this is taken into account at the time of arranging a funeral.

Attendance cards                          £45.00 

(including member of staff to take names)    

Additional Services/Options


Order of Service Booklets setup fee                                                       £40.00

Price per copy of 4 page booklet (Minimum order of 30.)                     £2.00 each

Price per copy of 8 page booklet (Minimum order of 30.)                     £3.00 each

Administration fee for set up of Professional tributes                            £40.00

Administration fee for the set up and ordering of Headstone                £100.00

Administration fee for set up and ordering of Ashes Stone                   £  50.00

*Prices are correct as of 1st May 2024.


If you would like any information on the items presented, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01773 811371.

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